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Safe Studio Policy
(updated 7/16/2020 - subject to change as necessary)

safe studio

Thank you for joining/considering my studio for the very best music education for your child. 

I strongly believe that Let's Play Music and Sound Beginnings are meant to be taught in person. Human connection is the heart of music classes. I have been certified in the “Safe Studio” procedures and I am dedicated to providing a fun, healthy and safe learning environment for all students. To ensure sanitary conditions, I will be implementing the following precautionary measures in my home studio this fall:

  • Class size will be reduced to facilitate distancing. With smaller classes, class times may be shortened.
  • A temperature check will be performed on each student before entering the studio. (I have a touchless infrared thermometer that will make this very quick!)
  • All students will thoroughly wash hands or use provided hand sanitizer upon entering studio.
  • Individual sets of instruments and other teaching aids will be provided for each student for use throughout the class rather than a class set to be shared. These sets will be sanitized between classes.
  • Class times may be slightly shortened to allow time for sanitization.
  • Activities will be modified to limit or eliminate the need to touch other class members.
  • Parents will be required to wear masks. It is strongly recommended that children also wear face masks, but not required.
  • If you or anyone in your household has been sick, please stay home and let me know.
  • If it is mandated that we are unable to meet at all, I will continue to teach classes live online.

Please call, text or email with any concerns or questions you may have!

wash hands

keep safe distance
face coverings

cough elbow
stay home

Here's a fun video from Let's Play Music to help remember how to take care of ourselves!

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