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I LOVE Discovery Toys...
              but can't afford them all!

How would you like to get your very own collection of Discovery Toys at a DISCOUNT? Or better yet, FREE? It is simple: just share your love of Discovery Toys with your friends & family. That's it. They see the toys, love the toys, buy the toys, & YOU get toys for yourself for FREE!

There are many ways to accomplish this.The most popular is to host a formal Discovery Toys party, where I, the consultant, explain the benefits & features of a few of my favorite (and your favorite) products. Another way is to host a Discovery Toys Open Playhouse, where family & friends can bring their children to your home where the products all on display, & see which toys they play with & like. An increasingly more popular way is to host a Discovery Toys catalog party, in which you simply show the catalog to friends & family, collect orders, & earn FREE Discovery Toys! Our educational toys practically sell themselves! For more details on exactly what a Discovery Toys "party" is click here.

The company offers great Hostess benefits, but just to top it off, I always add my own additional bonuses for Hostesses that help me increase my business by helping me have more Discovery Toys parties.

It's As Easy As
to Shop for FREE As a
Discovery Toys Hostess

1  Get your friends/relatives/colleagues together & combine a fun get-together with presenting a collection of FUN brain-teasing educational products for everyone.

2  Relax & have fun with your guests while a qualified Discovery Toys Educational Consultant demonstrates the developmental benefits of our educational toys, books, games & music.

3  Select your own favorite Discovery Toys products for FREE to share with your family! The more people who come & purchase, the more free products you will get!

Earn Unlimited FREE & Half-Price Products!

FREE Products
Once a party reaches $200 or more in sales, the Hostess is eligible to receive FREE products.

For every $200 in party sales & with at least one new party booking, a Hostess may select any item in our current line at half-price.

If you'd be interested in hosting a party or if you would like more information, please call me at (435)770-7128 or email me at

Are you already hosting a party for me? Check out my Hostess Aids page if you need to print more order forms or if you need to view my hostess guide or anything else I have given you.

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