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Perfect Toy Finder: Find the perfect toy based on your child's dominant learning style.

Look for the Learning Styles labels next to the age range for each product. Select products with multiple Learning Styles to engage all the senses.

Learning Styles:
Auditory Learning Style Kinesthetic Learning Style Visual Learning Style
(Touch & Movement)

Some Discovery Toys products will show more than one letter next to them. These are products that work with multiple learning styles. The more senses a child can use while playing with a toy, the more a child can learn by playing with it. Learn about characteristics of each Learning Style.

For special needs applications, such as hearing loss, visual disabilities, communication skills, physical limitations, social skills, cognitive skills, or autism, please refer to my Special Needs page.

Auditory Learning Style
Auditory Learning Style
Learning Best Through Sound

If your child is an auditory learner, encourage his love of noise-making toys by setting aside more time for the two of you to make music together. (Pots & pans are terrific instruments!) When problems arise, sit down together and talk things through. Auditory learners are often great listeners. They also need to hear that they are special! So, be sure to tell him you love him often.

Kinesthetic Learning Style
Kinesthetic Learning Style
Learning Best Through Touch & Movement

If your child is a kinesthetic learner, be sure to provide lots of hands-on activities – from finger painting to playing tag in the backyard. When it comes to homework, think tactile. Kinsethetic kids are best able to understand when they can get their bodies involved with the task at hand. For example, young tactile learners are more apt to learn the alphabet by feeling letter-shaped blocks in addition to hearing sounds & seeing letter shapes. Also, in addition to telling your kinesthetic child you love her, show him with lots of cuddles & hugs.

Visual Learning Style
Visual Learning Style
Learning Best Through Sight

If your child is a visual learner, you can help her with homework by using charts & flash cards. When communicating with him, remember that he learns through his eyes. For example, maybe you have been telling him all week to make her bed and he’s still not doing it. Next time, take him into her room and start actually making the bed as you tell him. Giving him visual cues helps the message sink in! Visual children also need visual reminders that you love them. A couple of love-notes in the lunch box or a snack arranged into a smiley face can mean a lot to a visual child!

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To figure out your child's dominant learning style, take this short quiz (select all that apply):
1. When my child is learning something new, he/she…
a. Says "show me".
b. Needs to listen and/or talk it through.
c. Gets his or her hands on it.
2. The activities my child enjoys the most are…
a. Playing computer games or watching videos
b. Listening to the radio, CD or tapes.
c. Outdoor games & sports.
3. My child expresses his/her feelings by…
a. Making facial expressions.
b. Talking about them.
c. Using touch or body movements.
4. When placed in an unfamiliar setting, my child…
a. Warms up slowly.
b. Joins right in.
c. Relates to others with his or her body instead of words.
5. As a baby, my child…
a. Especially enjoyed looking at things.
b. Babbled a lot.
c. Often needed to be held.
6. My child’s personality can be best described as…
a. Not very emotional outwardly.
b. Very dramatic, enjoys having an audience.
c. Sensitive, with easily hurt feelings.
7. My child is easily distracted by…
a. Color & movement.
b. Voices & music.
c. Movement & sounds.
8. My child prefers…
a. Looking at things, being an observer.
b. Listening & talking.
c. Touching things, engaging in activities involving movement.
9. The skills that are strongest in my child are his/her…
a. Fine motor skills (i.e. holding small pieces, coloring, etc).
b. Ability to follow directions.
c. Eye-hand coordination.
Count how many of each letter you have and type it in the boxes:
Number of a's: Number of b's: Number of c's:
Mostly "a" answers indicate a Visual learning style. Visual Learning Style Products
Mostly "b" answers indicate an Auditory learning style. Auditory Learning Style Products
Mostly "c" answers indicate a Kinesthetic learning style. Kinesthetic Learning Style Products

It is possible that your child will have two dominant learning styles. This enables your child to learn the same thing in different ways. If all 3 are about the same, then your child probably adapts to situations depending on how he feels most comfortable at that moment. Go ahead and select Discovery Toys products from all 3 learning style categories!

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Discovery Toys products for each Learning Style

Individual learns best through listening to spoken word

Individual learns best through touch, movement & action

Individual learns best through sight, body language & expression

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A Little More About Dominant Learning Styles…

Auditory Learning Style


Characteristics of auditory learning style:
  • Love to listen & talk
  • Remember by hearing things
  • Spelling - they use phonics approach Show feelings with words
  • Handwriting - they have difficulty learning initially
  • Distracted by music & voices
  • As babies, they babble a lot & in crib they listen for sounds
  • Can repeat a conversation word for word
  • Enjoy listening to radio & tapes over reading
  • Very dramatic & love an audience…good storytellers, like to sing, like to tell jokes
  • Like to talk on the phone
  • Talk to themselves when working alone
  • Give verbal excuses for not getting things done
  • Prefer to have someone else read directions when assembling models
  • Commit a phone number to memory by saying it aloud, usually know their own at an
    early age
  • Tends not to look when listening, head often down or cocked at one side when
  • Prefers to be with group of people - always wants friends around
  • Hears emotions in others voices: "Mama you sound mad"

Kinesthetic Learning Style


Characteristics of kinesthetic learning style:
  • Learns & remembers by doing, "hands on" experiences
  • Speaks slowly
  • Spelling - often a poor speller, writes word down to see if it feels right
  • Handwriting - deteriorates when space becomes smaller, push harder on pencil
  • Touches everything - satin on blanket
  • Enjoys sports, well coordinated
  • Prefer movement games
  • Sensitive, feelings easily hurt
  • Must touch to convey feelings - like hugs, handshake, high five
  • Often have trouble in school because generally like out of doors
  • They need to move around
  • Remember what was done, not what they heard or saw
  • Perpetual motion machine
  • Like to take things apart & put them back together, like crafts, building things, art projects
  • Like comfortable clothes
  • Eyes often diverted down while listening or "gazes" over others head
  • Need to adapt to a visual or auditory world & our job is to make them feel good about it

Visual Learning Style


Characteristics of visual learning style:
  • Uses eyes to learn: "Let me see", "Show me".
  • Remembers by seeing things.
  • Spelling - recognizes words on sight
  • Distracted by color & movement
  • Handwriting - tends to be good, spacing & size important
  • Liked by teachers.
  • Generally tidy, do not like clutter
  • Pick out misprints, typos
  • Find items other lose
  • Good at reading maps or charts
  • Show feeling in facial expressions
  • Sensitive to others facial expressions. "Mom, you look mad"
  • Enjoy computers, videos, movies - have to watch TV…can't just listen
  • Not very emotionally outwardly - sometimes labeled shy or snobbish
  • Like to spend time alone
  • Warm up slowly in new situations
  • In crowd - quiet & like to watch
  • Usually look good in appearance - well put together - color coordinated
  • Good fine motor skills - can put models together using directions
  • Look up when they are thinking Plan by making lists

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