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How are Discovery Toys products tested?

See "Play & Learn Snail" go through the process!

Our Quality and Safety
Promise to Parents…

Discovery Toys promises that all of our products meet or exceed all standards set by the US and Canadian governments regarding safety. These are the most extensive, effective, and widely emulated standards in the world — regardless of where the products are manufactured. All products are tested for flammability, hazardous materials and toxic elements — including lead, by an independent HOKLAS certified laboratory prior to shipment from domestic and foreign manufacturers. In an ongoing effort to ensure the quality and safety of our products, we regularly review the labor practices, raw materials and manufacturing processes used by our vendors.

Quality Is Our Motto!

Interview with Rosalie Christensen, Discovery Toys Quality Assurance Manager

How confident can our customers be in the safety and quality of our products?

Our customers can be assured that Discovery Toys offers products of the highest safety and quality. Our Quality and Safety Promise to Parents is just one way customers can be assured Discovery Toys stands behind each and every product that leaves our warehouse. This statement, which is reflected on our Website, speaks to our commitment and promises consumers that all of our products meet or exceed regulatory standards set by the US and Canadian governments regarding safety. Furthermore, in an ongoing effort to assure consumers of the quality of our products, we regularly review the raw materials and manufacturing processes used by our vendors.

How is a product checked for safety and reliability?

Discovery Toys uses both internal and external, HOKLAS certified third party testing for safety and reliability. Internally, we perform Use and Abuse testing on products to make sure that no small parts or sharp edges are exposed. Parallel to this process, the third party testing lab performs testing on products for mechanical hazards, which include Use and Abuse testing, toxic elements (which include lead testing) and flammability.

Once the products pass these tests, we put them in homes and daycare environments to make sure we haven't missed anything during the testing phase. This last test gives us a very good idea of how reliable and durable the products will be with repeated use.

What type of safety standards do we use?

The safety standards we comply with are dictated by the US and Canadian governments.
All products must conform to the:

  1. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Consumer Product Safety Act
  2. ASTM F963-07, the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (voluntary)
  3. Canada's Hazardous Products Act Although there are no legal requirements for companies to do testing, Discovery Toys feels it is important that each and every product comply with these regulations in order to assure our Quality and Safety Promise.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of ongoing products that have been in the line for multiple seasons?

To start with, continuing products are retested each year so that we are assured they remain in compliance. Secondly, each shipment is inspected and Use and Abuse testing performed prior to shipment. Once the goods arrive in our warehouse we repeat the inspection process including the Use and Abuse testing. Finally, all shipments that contain products with surface paints are tested for lead by our staff, and can only be released for shipment to consumers once these tests are completed and a passing report is issued.

Can a customer return a defective product?

Yes, Discovery Toys offers an unconditional guarantee on its products*. If your product is not free from defects in materials or workmanship we will replace it free of charge.

How important is the age grading shown on our packaging?

The age grading on the package is very important to consumers. It serves as a guide for both safety and developmental aspects of the toys themselves. The most important information that comes from age grading is the assurance that a toy is safe at particular stages of physical and mental development. A primary safety consideration when age grading a product is the potential choking and aspiration hazards associated with small parts. Age grading on this level assures consumers that the design of the product meets all regulatory safety requirements for children in the recommended age group.

In addition to the age grading, we add descriptive labeling on the package to help parents identify potential safety concerns if the toy is accessible to children outside the recommended age group. One example of this would be a small parts warning on the package of a product that contains small play pieces and is age graded for older children. This type of warning reinforces the importance of the age grading.

The second age grading assurance comes from a child's physical ability to manipulate and play with the specific features of a toy. Discovery Toys looks at physical coordination, fine and gross motor capabilities, size, and strength generally available at a given age. This consideration for age grading is important in order to provide a product that will challenge activities and stimulate further development, yet not frustrate. These aspects used when determining the skill level for a product will guide parents to select toys that are not only safe for their children, but are also appropriate for them developmentally.

Discovery Toys Safety and Quality Q & A
Are Discovery Toy products BPA free?
The best way to answer this important question is by breaking it down into multiple questions and answers so read on…

What is BPA?
Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical found in polycarbonate plastic (clear, shatterproof plastic). Polycarbonate is used in a wide variety of products including toys due to its shatter resistant properties; however some laboratory studies have linked BPA with adverse affects in laboratory animals in very high doses. There have been no extensive studies on the effects of BPA in humans, though it is clear more research is needed.

What is being done about BPA?
There is a great deal of conflicting scientific information on BPA. Many health officials have confirmed there is not enough scientific evidence to prove BPA poses a health risk to humans. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration have called for additional studies on the chemical.

Did you know that BPA is not currently regulated in toys?
That's right…there are no regulations for BPA in toys. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has not banned the use of this material. There are some states that have banned BPA in children's drinking bottles and food containers for children under three. Canada as recently as last month has also banned infant drinking bottles. The reason for this is because the chemical can leach into hot liquids from food containers. Toys have not been a part of any of this recent legislation. Discovery Toys is so committed to safety and quality that we too have been reviewing our product line, working closely with our manufacturers and seeking alternative materials if BPA is being used. We truly mean it when we say: Discovery Toys meets or exceeds all toy safety regulations set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Canadian Hazardous Products Act.

Can we tell our customers Discovery Toy products are BPA free?
No, but here is what you can say:
    • The entire infant line is BPA free.
    • BPA is found in clear plastic, so you can be assured by visually looking at our line that most Discovery Toys would not ever have contained BPA.

We will continue to provide updates on this important subject as information becomes available.
If you have additional questions, feel free to send inquiries to: Rosie Alonso, DT Quality Assurance

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