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Discovery Toys Values Product Safety

Our Quality/Safety Product Review Process meets and exceeds the standards in our industry. We take this process quite seriously and think you should, too. It is a lot to ask of a toy to pass these rigorous standards but we wouldn't have it any other way. Consider the safety cycle for Play and Learn Snail.

Discovery Toys Safety Process for Play & Learn Snail: Step by Step

Design Review

  • All potential products are evaluated against proposed age grading and the Consumer Product Safety Commission toy safety regulations for the specified age group as well as any potential hazards that might be associated with normal use.
  • Play & Learn Snail was reviewed for compliance with small parts, sharp points and edges, rattle test, and stuffing requirements.
  • Packaging is re-usable and subject to the same requirements as the toy itself.

Prototype Testing

  • Once the design is approved, the components are subject to tests that simulate normal use and reasonably foreseeable abuse.
  • Rattle dropped 10 times from 4½ feet.
  • Seams pulled to 15 lbs. and held for 10 seconds.
  • Components pulled to 15 lbs and held for 10 seconds.

Reliability Testing

  • The Snail was originally submitted with cardboard inserts to help hold it's shape.
  • We did not recommend this due to the customer expectation that infant products should be machine washable.
  • Product was wash tested according to the AATCC test method which is used in the clothing industry.
  • Product was tested along with the plastic components.
  • The materials did not fade, the plastic rattle did not deteriorate and the product functioned the same following washing and drying in warm water and medium heat for six complete wash cycles.

Labeling Requirements

  • Product was reviewed for labeling requirements.
  • Labeling requirements vary based on the product.
  • Play & Learn Snail requires a registration number to certify the stuffing contents are new and clean and the contents must appear on the label.


  • Third party accredited laboratories certify our products for compliance with required safety standards.
  • Activity Snail was tested for compliance with the following tests:
    • Flammability
    • Lead
    • Heavy Metals

Manufacturing Specifications

  • Once the product has passed our initial review, all of Discovery Toys' requirements are outlined in a specification sheet for the manufacturer.
  • In addition to toy safety regulations, we also identify product quality requirements that address material quality, color, workmanship, etc.
  • Our manufacturers must agree to our specifications before production begins.  

Pre-shipping Inspection

  • After the product is manufactured and prior to shipping, we employ independent accredited inspection teams to travel to the factory to conduct inspection.
  • With specification sheet and sample in hand, the inspector goes to the factory and completes an inspection pulling random samples from several boxes throughout the shipment.
  • This product passed inspection, based on our standards, and the product was approved to ship.

Receiving Inspection

  • As a further precaution, our in-house Discovery Toys inspector pulls random samples from the shipment before it is officially received by the DT warehouse.
  • A visual inspection and safety test is conducted before the shipment is allowed to be stocked on our warehouse shelves and shipped to you.

Play & Learn Snail is just one of every DT toy in this catalog that has passed through our rigorous quality and safety process; more than ready to play with your child. 

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