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Don't throw away that wonderful toy just because you lost a part! As a Discovery Toys Educational Consultant I can get you these replacement parts for your favorite Discovery Toys products.

Items listed are the only items available and only after product needs have been met. Parts that represent the majority of a toy, or puzzle pieces, will not be offered. Parts shipped may not be identical to the original in appearance but will serve the function originally intended.

Please visit my online store to purchase any of these replacement parts.

Item # Discovery Toys Product Replacement Part Part #
2185 2240 Flip Flop Faces Emotions in Motion F. F. F. Emotions In Motion Bean Bags (French)  21859010
F. F. F. Emotions In Motion Bean Bags (English)  22409010
1271 1562 Giant Pegboard Giant Pegboard® Blue Peg Set (5)  12719050
Giant Pegboard® Green Peg Set (5)  12719020
Giant Pegboard® Orange Peg Set (5)  12719030
Giant Pegboard® Purple Peg Set (5)  12719040
Giant Pegboard® Red Peg Set (5)  12719060
Giant Pegboard® Booklet  12719010
Giant Pegboard® Packaging  12711010
1433 Hammer Away! Hammer Away Balls  1477
Hammer Away! Mallet  14339050
3875 8221 Marbleworks Marbleworks Marbles (10)  38759020
Marbleworks Packaging  38759010
1674 Measure Up! Pots and Spoons Measure Up!® Pots & Spoons - Spoons Only  16749070
4182 Mosaic Mysteries Mosaic Mysteries Booklet  41829050
Mosaic Mysteries Pattern Tiles  41829070
2288 Motor Works (original) Motor Works vs1 Screws (4)  22669070
2266 Motor Works (updated) Motor Works vs2 - Manual Screwdriver  22669050
2930 Playful Patterns Playful Patterns® Activity Box  29309010
1530 Sunshine Market Sunshine Market Bread Shape/Fig. Block  15309010
Sunshine Market Cheese Shape/Fig. Block  15309030
Sunshine Market Fish Shape/Fig. Block  15309020
Sunshine Market Lemon Shape/Fig. Block  15309040
Sunshine Market Shopping Cart  15309230

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