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When kids have access to the right toys, they have the opportunity to learn through play. But when choosing for their children, most parents feel like they are totally in the dark!

That's what Toy Finder is all about—finding the right toy for the right age that will actually be used by the child!

Discovery Toys has created different ways to figure out what the perfect toy would be for your child! I have conveniently placed the information here for you! Select a category to find the perfect toy for your child:

What Makes a Good Learning Toy?

The greatest benefits of a good learning toy are the joy & self-esteem that children experience when they play with it. One carefully selected learning toy can do so much for a child; the right toy can literally help a child discover a love of learning!

A well chosen learning toy has certain aspects that make it more valuable to a child’s growth:

  • A toy should be challenging while allowing for success.
  • The toy can be used in several different ways.
  • A child can power the toy using his or her own ideas & imagination.
  • The toy can grow with the child through more than one developmental stage.
  • The toy has a lot of developmental play value.
  • The toy encourages open-ended play (there is no one "right" answer or way to use the toy…it provides room for a child's own creative thinking to come into play).
  • The toy engages a child's interest beyond a few minutes – he or she will continue playing with it for a period of time.
  • The toy is fun, safe, durable, & attractive!
  • The toy encourages parents & children to play & learn together.

Humans are blessed with natural curiosity & the desire to explore the world around them. Nurturing, loving environments, communication, lots of room to run & the availability of good learning toys are essential for that natural process of discovery to thrive — & this results in healthy, happy children!

Kids don't need a lot of toys...
just a few of the right toys!

Here's a handy wish list you can print out to keep track of the toys you'd like to get!


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5 - 8 Years

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We are more committed than ever to helping you raise smarter kids that enjoy learning. And a big part of that is helping you understand what you're buying & why you're buying it.

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